Moving Mountains


“Where in the World is DeLisa?” is not only the name of my first travel blog back in 2005, but also a common question among my family and friends. This month marks another new location, Old Town, Park City, Utah. After living in cities like New York, London and Singapore, I’m settling into a picturesque mountain town.

While most people consider moving to be extremely stressful, changing physical locations always inspires me. I love a fresh start. Meeting new neighbors, learning new routes, even filling the kitchen with new local produce gives me a sense of excitement that is hard to create after years in one home. I would say that I see the glass half full, but I have no idea where to find a glass.

My 5 Tips for Fitting in Anywhere

1.     Prioritize People Over Things

As the first box arrives, immediately introduce yourself to neighbors and ask for local recommendations. People like to be helpful and it opens the door for ongoing conversation. Invite neighbors in while things are in disarray. Don’t wait until everything is unpacked and perfect.

2.     Become a Regular

Select a neighborhood bar or coffee shop, introduce yourself as new to town and once again ask for local advice. Remember servers’ names and visit everyday to establish a relationship. You’ll feel like a local in no time.

3.     Keep Moving

Put yourself out there, literally. Take a walk, join a gym, garden in plain view. Get outside as often as possible to wave and talk to others. New friendships start somewhere and it’s usually by the mailbox.

4.     Get a Haircut

Find a new stylist or barber who’s connected. You learn more about a community from one haircut than reading the paper.

5.     Share Your Passion

Do you love golf, biking, cards, wine tasting, sailing, hiking or books? Find a local group to join. A new group of friends is waiting for you!

What feels fresh in your life? Where have you always dreamed of living? How can you reinvent yourself right where you are?

Musical Monday -- Search for Meaning


Today's Musical Monday is a salute to U2’s Joshua Tree Album 30th Anniversary tour hitting the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this week. NYC is a buzz with anticipation for the celebration of an album released in 1987. That’s staying power!

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

-- U2, May 1987

The Joshua Tree Album was a major departure for the Irish band after exposure to American roots rock. U2 showcased a gospel influence in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, which ignited the world.

One of the beauties of this song is the way the fans have interpreted it. Born of lead singer Bono’s spiritual quest, it speaks to fans on many levels – those searching for love, religion or life’s purpose.

What are you looking for in life? How long have you been searching? How will you know when you find it?