My Route

Sitting in the doctor’s office, frantically rearranging meetings in my mind, I heard the words “early mortality.” I snapped to attention. I’d had other warnings about working too much from doctors in Manhattan, like the time I collapsed from exhaustion after a major product launch. Perhaps it was this doctor’s stoic Singaporean manner, but this hit home.

That’s the instant I went from thinking about how many years I planned to work until retirement, to understanding that I needed to change my life immediately.

Smiling image of DeLisa L. Harmon Life Transition Coach

When I told friends I was leaving my glamorous international public relations career to become a professional coach, the most frequent reply was, “you’ve always been a coach.” In retrospect, I guess I have. I’ve coached people up the corporate ladder, inspired them to travel the world, encouraged them to make ‘it’ happen, guided them to fame, and enabled them to decide.

From CEOs and global celebrities to colleagues and friends, I can’t remember a time when I was not motivating others to reach their goals.

My experience as Chief of Staff to a U.S. Member of Congress taught me there are more than two sides to every issue; and working behind the scenes with Presidents Bush and Clinton showed me that the ability to listen is even more valuable than the ability to speak.

Almost two decades in top Manhattan public relations agencies, representing more than 50 of the world’s most beloved consumer brands including COVERGIRL, SK-II, Pantene, Gallo Wines, Jameson Irish Whiskey and Tupperware showed me how creativity, storytelling and star power win hearts and minds around the globe. From launching COVERGIRLS like Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres, to working with celebrity chefs like Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelsson and Padma Lakshmi the energy and passion remained the same.

My time in Singapore building an Asia-Pacific communications team allowed me to learn from and leverage cultural differences working with SK-II ambassadors like Cate Blanchett, Tang Wei, and Ayase Haruka.

Image of DeLisa L. Harmon, Life Transition Coach in New York City

I’ve lived on three continents, visited almost 70 countries, and have made the most of amazing opportunities. Through it all, I have chosen jobs and passions that fuel my desire to be part of meaningful projects with visionary leaders. This journey led me to train with some of the best coaches in the world in order to work with people like you who want to discover new routes to personal fulfillment.

Who am I?

An eternal optimist traveling on the scenic route. I believe that life is filled with opportunity at every turn and my gift is helping others see their extraordinary potential.